Getting up with sunrise, going back and hit the 36th Temple before breakfast.
Along the very clean Yokonami Skyline, almost no traffic and no body, it feels endless along the cliff, some how very sentimental feeling, and some point I really wanted listen some music, not much thoughts but grabbed by those weird sad feeling, looking at hazy horizon.Endless cliff road, shortly came to the end, seeing very flat Uranouchi bay on right side, heading into inland.
I was looking for a place to have a break, then suddenly a cement factory standing behind the small rice field.
Sky was getting grey and darker, I would better get hurry and reach to the accommodation.
Despite the fact, it is called “business hotel”,  it is more like an apartment, small yet quite high rise for the footprint, typical of Japan.
It soon started rain, room was strong smell of tobacco, turning air condition was even worse. Out side there are high rise motorway and a pond with concrete wall.
I suddenly felt claustrophobic and miserable. I am not in the middle of big city, is this the curse of the cement factory? and fully plastic packaged Bento as a dinner, made my end of the day very very sad.

36 青龍寺


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