Clothes and shoes are almost dry by morning. It is a very calm day, walking along the river in a daze, looking sceneries. Why the river is so blue, although it is not so deep?Under the forest, where there is constant flow of water, concrete wall was cover by green, it looks beautiful. Looking at them with bit more attention, I see different kinds of vegetation competing each others, not only on the concrete wall but actually everywhere. For living, place is essential and we all have to eat. An old tunnel, by walking in, gradually I was covered by darkness and soon no more site to my feet, having feeling of melting into darkness. I could see the entrance and the exit but it felt very very long. During pilgrimage, I loose sense of time. It is like dreaming, traveling through long period of time, but in reality it is only few days.
Darkness gradually coming off, then coming out of the tunnel, and the forest, I reached Saga Kuroshio town. In Tosa, people view cherry blossoms and sea. Is it because of the sound of wind and ocean which mutes everything else? It was some how very quiet.After passing an artificial peaceful park, then to Tosashirahama, a just small fishing village. In splashes of waves, a person sitting on a pier and waiting fishes to come, looks like almost praying. It is probably their daily life but it seems to me a fundamental way of living with severe but giving mother nature.Rice field next to the ocean with salty wind blows, even there are many small stones in the field, that is why rice in Kochi is some how bit different, but tasty and much more wilder.
After checking in the accommodation, I wanted feel the ocean to my swollen feet. wave draws my tiredness and gives me soft energy.



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