A good sleep in a huge room with sound of ocean.Hazy morning, heading to Shimanto river today. There are many kites in Shikoku, it is easy to spot them at the coast. They are entertaining to look at, while walking on boring high way.
At a convenience store, just before the Shimanto river bridge,  I met many other pilgrims. Every one was there for the first morning break, refiling and preparing for rain. It was obvious that heavy clouds were about to come. Shimanto river is famous for clear water but it is mirky emerald green. At halfway on the bridge, from front right side, I was swallowed. Sight and memory got narrower and darker in pouring rain. Like a fish, just swimming through without any thoughts and emotions.After a very long tunnel, entering Tosashimizu, pouring rain was already turned into lukewarmly clouds. Again along the coast, Mist here is very noisy, it is the vapour form of pacific’s black current, inhaling into my lungs.
Tomorrow, eventually the cape Ashizuri.



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