After leaving the accommodation, walking on the soft beach in warm mist, heading to the Cape Ashizuri.Back to the asphalt along the cliff, towards to the cape, mist cleared up. Gradually vegetation changes to Subtropical.Three days after the last temple, eventually Temple Kongofukuji, there are turtles everywhere, statues and symbols. I saw a carcass of turtele on the way next to small fishing port, where it was slightly dirty part. I did not notice until I was almost step on it, I got surprised and frightened then kept walking, I did not even check properly. Has it died because of rubbish?

In Japan, vending machines are common sight, it also appears in the middle of no where as well. I think it looks incredibly ugly, and not suitable in beautiful nature. Slightly coloured flavoured water poured in to cans or plastic bottles then transported all the way, then inserted to vending machines which runs 24hours, using electricity to cool or warm drinks. Water in Shikoku is very good. I start a day filling a used plastic bottle with tap water. Plastic bottles are light and strong, also soft when the content are gone, it can squeeze in to bags, then reusable. Instead of chucking straight after the initial filled drinks are drunk, it is better to reuse so many times than recycled. I think buying a portable bottle is just creating another rubbish. I have seen a person buying a bottle of drink and put it in one’s bottle, then chucking immediately that plastic bottle.

At the edge of cliff, gazing at waves covering rocks, made me forget about time passing. I also walked around there to see from different places, although my feet hurts, normally I avoid even an extra step. It was very quiet as there were no other bunch of pilgrims nor tourists. Despite of morning mist and low clouds, sight was clear. As the name Ashizuri (means dragging legs) I walked all the way up to here, beautiful, quite and some how slightly sad, but feeling immeasurable.
However This is the half way, turning point of this day and this pilgrimage. Passing the cape, passing villages and Clouds are passing, the sun is coming back soon.

38 金剛福寺


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