I left the accommodation and got into mountains. Two mountain crosses today.
During walking on highway, many things come across in my mind, but on the mountain path, I only concentrate on walking. Some times I glance views in between trees, then keep going. Everyday is almost same, but always new and different path. Long Kochi prefectures came to the end, and now in Ehime.
Approximately 16km from the 40th temple, I met an old woman, she came out from a decayed house,who sis almost the last one standing, next to it there couple of ruins of the houses. She asked me where I came from today, and where I stay tonight. I shortly answered and kept walking. I probably should have bit more conversation as if she lives alone in such remote place in the mountain, but it might be her daily routine to ask every Ohenro = pilgrims.
By the time when I get to the accommodation, it was already dark.

40 観自在寺


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