Grey dark morning, departing old beautiful Tsushima town.
I passed through Uwajima without much of sight seeing, yet I could not keep the good pace.
After the 41st temple, the weather got worse, then by the time, when I  was about to leave the gate of the 42nd temple, it was raining cats and dogs.
I have decided to have as usual quick lunch, and an Energy drink, which I was served at  Miyoshi ryokan after the breakfast.Going up the mountain road, rain got less and less, I was in the thick cloud, and boiling, almost my swet steam was making all these clouds, or I was a part of it. By the time when I go through the tunnel, which is top of the Hanaga touge, the clouds got thicker and darker, and everything became spookier. After the tunnel is steep down, coming out under the clouds. Again I got back to heavy rain. I quickly checked the map, it is not easy in heavy rain. “6km”. Without thinking of much I was already walking fast. Because of the exhaustion or impatience, I just could not conclude my thoughts. If I walk 7km/h I should be able to get to the 43rd temple by 17, but as I can not keep checking the map due to heavy rain, if I go wrong way,,,, I realised that I was already running, and once I got the rhythm, surprisingly I could just go on and on, even though I had walked 30km with backpack that day already, and about 40km every last days.
As always and expected, there is an extra path and the stairs, after the gate of the temple, which is not shown on the map. I have manage Noukyou (stamped) just on time, then tried to light up incense without breaking nor wet, but my hands are cold and wet, on contrary my body was steaming.
When I get to the Ryokan. I was told by the landlady to take all the clothes off and go to the bath directly, she also washed my cane and took my backpack to my room. Next day every thing was beautifully cleaned and dry.
There are people who give amazing service in this country, when the body is tired everything goes to heart directly.

41 龍光寺
42 仏木寺
43 明石寺


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