Departing with freshly washed clothes and dried shoes.
Sunny, it is going to be quite hot.
“Good morning” so many times, School boarding time, huge number of school kids, compared to the other days.
Roaming in the rain, yesterday was far past, swiftly walking in the warm sunny day no breaks.I saw black swans, first time in my life, “swan” in Japanese is “Hakuchyou = white bird” therefore “black white bird” is weird thing

Entering charming old Uchiko, but very touristic. It spoils my appetite, not suitable for budget hurrying pilgrims. I saw an old theatre only from out side, and then avoided the friendly sales of a historic pharmacy. I presume what they sell are all expired.

Getting snack and meal for tonight and next morning at the Michinoeki (road side station), as the accommodation for tonight does not supply any meal. Always the last part is the hardest. The light gets dramatic but my speed goes down.By the time when I reached to the village where I stay, the sun is about setting, surprisingly I am staying in this house on my own. A huge house but I only need a space for my body size, one tatami. Once I sit I can not stand up any more, after the bath I just fall asleep.

晴れている、暑くなりそう、登校時間で、ひたすらお早うございます 今日は数が半端じゃない。雨の中を彷徨いながら歩いた一昨日は遥か昔足取り軽く暖かな日、休憩なしでひたすら歩く。黒い白鳥を始めてみた。日本語はちょっとおかしい。


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