As soon as I put pilgrim’s white clothes on, and start the walk, half year ago feels like almost yesterday, then I think of my cane. A cane is not necessary on the flat coast roads, but I must get one before the mountains.Compared to Pacific side, fishing boats seem rather thinner and sharper, and the sea is much calmer. Or is this just very calm day?

Suddenly a bunch of chimneys appeared over the houses, as they grow from the roofs. The road eventually ends at the entrance of Oil refinery, the pilgrim path is almost leading into with my curiosity, but It sharply turns right at the entrance then to the left along its fence.I normally don’t take much photos of temples, either because I have not much interests or being in a hurry? Today, I wanted to get to the accommodation before the sun sets, I know that there are no time to waste. However the power of Oil is very fascinating, every few steps I stopped to photograph this interesting structures. The flame some how reminded me of blade runner. Perhaps for modern human, the Power of oil is greater than Buddha? I just could not stop taking photos.
In the end it was pitch black, hard to to see the map and to find the road to the accommodation. Again time elapsing strangely in my head, it’s been long time since I have been on this journey.

52 太山寺
53 円明寺




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