I didn’t feel that it was my last day in Shikoku, in the morning when I was heading to the 86th temple. The road to the gate was surrounded by white wall, once walk through the gate, there is an interesting Garden. Most of the temples have rather emptied space, usually well swept or well maintained gardens. However here, there are many rather wildly grown trees and unswept coloured leaves on the floor, giving charm to this temple. I enjoyed walking through to find  different buildings.As I had done the last 31days, I was thinking of direction, and calculating the distance and time, then just walked as fast as I could. After the 87th, I had quick visit to the pilgrims exchange salon as a typical first timer Ohenro, there I have asked differences of three passage to the 88th, and received honorable paper which proving that I have walked all the way, then quickly saw the exhibition the history of Ohenro. It was tough all the way to here, but 100 years ago was even more difficult as there were no clear signs and maps nor good equipments? However this was clearly showing that, for the last 1,200 years so many people had done this, therefore I knew that I could also do this and finish.

The route to the 88th, which I picked was the shortest one of course? It isn’t traditional rout and very steep one. Just before getting into the mountain road I thought that it must have been not that bad, back in those days, there were no horrible feet burning asphalt which now covers 90% of pilgrims path. Then after I entered concentration to the walk. The very last part before the top was little bit dangerous small rock climbing. At the top, I stopped while to cool down my self and looking back where I came from, 770m which isn’t that high but literally I walked all the way up from almost 0m of the sea level. To the last 88th temple is slightly down from the top, gradually I started feeling and understanding of the end. It is quiet and calm, very opposite of the first temple or some other busy temples. After getting the last stamp in Shikoku I waited bus quietly. 32 days, walking pilgrimage costs the most. However it didn’t really matter if it took another day or two, I could see interesting things more slowly. Advance faster and saving money and ending earlier isn’t the aim. Either spending more money and time or not, the end is the end. Money and Time are factors coming from out side of the pilgrimage and it only exists in our heads. I took another bus to cross the channel.


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