Tuesday lunch concert at the Berliner Philharmonie

I have often visited the Tuesday lunch concert at the Berliner Philharmonie.

Normally there are two or three musicians, with a large audience sitting and standing on the floors and the stairs. The acoustics are not particularly good as it is held in foyer, not in the concert hall, but it is certainly a great experience. What I really like the most the ways explore the building.

The repetitions and layers of Stairs are rhythmic, the colourful tinted glass blocks and floor tiles are melodic. I always tried to stay in this maze until I was told to leave. It is a very different feeling compared to the Staatsbibliothek, despite being designed by the same architect, with similar materials. I have never really read about the architect Hans Scharoun and his works until now on Wiki. Somehow I don’t really question such things, I like experiencing the reality without any information before hand, or even afterwards.

So far, I have never had chance to listen to the orchestra in the main concert hall. I always wonder how it was to listen to Beethoven’s Symphony conducted by Karajan in the 60s.

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重なり合って反復する階段は律動的、多色なガラスブロックと床のタイルは旋律的。コンサートの後もこの迷路を追い出されるまでうろうろする、隣の図書館とは建築家、素材等も同じにも関わらずとても違った雰囲気である。私は建築家 Hans Scharoun や彼の作品いついて読んだ事はいまのいままでWikipdiaで読んだ以外に無い、普段からあまり予備知識を進んで得ようとは考えず、実際に経験する、その後もあまり気にならず、よほどのことがない限り調べる事はない。



An authentic Japanese building

There are many traditional Japanese ways of building houses. I assume this is an authentic shrine-style building.
I do not know exactly when they built it but they must have finished recently, probably around the end of Last year since it was not there last time I was there.
It has got very nice smell of Japanese cypress.
Somehow it reminds me of ships, especialy the roof, and when the Koi fishe swim in the sky.