Foods from Travel Guidebook 歩いて回る小さなベルリン

Here are some of out takes or uncropped food photos from the Travel guidebook “歩いて回る小さなベルリン”. I hope these images would give bit more appetite to check out the book. ガイドブック、歩いて回る小さなベルリンより食べ物の写真です。  これ以外にもまだまだあるのでおなかが空きすぎる前に一度ガイドブックを見てみてください。

Travel Guidebook 歩いて回る小さなベルリン

歩いてまわる小さなベルリン 大和書房 This is a travel guid book about Berlin which I photographed for. Unfortunately It is available only in Japanese, although I think there are lots of potential to attracts more people once its translated to English. Still you can see the photos and check address and visit those cute shops, restaurants and flea … Continue reading Travel Guidebook 歩いて回る小さなベルリン


Tzia is an island, one of Cyclades. The Incendiary sun and Dry wind, Red soil and deep blue Aegean sea. It is One hour by Ferry from Main land Greece. However the port for the Ferry is opposite side of the peninsula from Athens, that makes the island less popular destination to the tourists. In … Continue reading Tzia


Moabit is a district in Berlin, centrally located residential area, also industrial. There aren’t many attractions, and I find it strangely quiet. モアビットはベルリンの中心に位置し住宅街であり工場地帯でもある。 名所はあまりなく不思議な静けさがある。