An authentic Japanese building

There are many traditional Japanese ways of building houses. I assume this is an authentic shrine-style building.
I do not know exactly when they built it but they must have finished recently, probably around the end of Last year since it was not there last time I was there.
It has got very nice smell of Japanese cypress.
Somehow it reminds me of ships, especialy the roof, and when the Koi fishe swim in the sky.


Gero and Nakasendo


Gero-onsen Yunoshimakan is the Onsen (spa) Ryoka (Japanese style hotel), the 84 years old wooden three-storey main building and the semi European Japanese style building are intricately connected. Some what spooky and feeling of getting lost in the maze when you walk around after the Bath.

Head to south east, one hour by car from Gero, there are Tsumagojyuku and Magomejyuku, the old post station towns of the old Nakasen-do, (do is way).
Especaily Tsumagojyuku has kept the buildings very well, and the scenic from Edo period.

A week in Thailand

It is like eating thai green curry. Too hot and spicy with some strange flavour yet tasty and some how not possible to stop this exhausting eating, but relaxing after.
The city with constant noise and heat (apparently it was winter for them), dirty air and water. Next to it, quiet peaceful clean temples, then again encountering full of tourists, the monks are even making selfies.
Extremity coexists organically.

タイグリーンカレーのように辛くて (hot)、スパイシーで、変わった香辛料と薬味、大変なのに辛いのに食べるのをやめられず、食べ終わった後にリラックスできる。喧騒と熱気、汚い空気と水の街のなか、一角を過ぎると静寂で美しい寺院に入ったかと思うと大勢の観光客に突然出くわし、坊主も自撮りしたりしている。両極が有機的に融合している。

Foods from Travel Guidebook 歩いて回る小さなベルリン

Here are some of out takes or uncropped food photos from the Travel guidebook “歩いて回る小さなベルリン”.
I hope these images would give bit more appetite to check out the book.


Travel Guidebook 歩いて回る小さなベルリン


This is a travel guid book about Berlin which I photographed for.
Unfortunately It is available only in Japanese, although I think there are lots of potential to attracts more people once its translated to English. Still you can see the photos and check address and visit those cute shops, restaurants and flea markets.



Tzia is an island, one of Cyclades.
The Incendiary sun and Dry wind, Red soil and deep blue Aegean sea.

It is One hour by Ferry from Main land Greece. However the port for the Ferry is opposite side of the peninsula from Athens, that makes the island less popular destination to the tourists.
In off season, driving unpaved road alone, feels like adventure.