Very ver very long day. No temples until Cape Muroto, just walk, all day all the way along the coast. I think it was before lunch, there was an old lady selling Oranges. she asked me to come and have some oranges, then started pealing next to another, one kind to another kind, and asking … Continue reading 88_07


Along the coast, beautiful calm sunny day. As the sun goes up, it gradually burns my skin. My Feet hurt, it almost feels like waking on hot stones. 1,200 years ago, this pilgrimage are shaped up by Kobodaishi, his previous name is Kukai 空海, means sky and sea. It is there right in front of me. … Continue reading 88_06


Rain. 2 mountain crossings. Wearing, and taking jackets off, or taking pictures, could be a moment. However this tiny stops make average walking speed 6km/h to 3 km/h. When I walk with other people, I realised how far they go while that tiny stop, and it is hard to recover the delay. Glancing the view … Continue reading 88_05


Leaving the city, along the high way, all the way, all morning. Step by step, my ankle hurts. Tiny angles, gaps of the asphalt were becoming big deal, Searching for flat parts, and looking for short cut even for millimetre. I was craving the small soft roads. Except bugs and snakes, nature is soft. 13.03.2016 … Continue reading 88_04


I woke up in the dark, my face was cold, and had difficulties getting out of the bed. All over the body aches, not only the legs and feet, but also shoulders, arms and back. Realising how effective to have stick in the mountain. After the huge breakfast, departing at dawn. Long down hill, all … Continue reading 88_03


Should I get to the 12th temple as I initially planed, or leave it to next day, I was wavering while walking. Recovering the delay from the first day, I had to get to the 11th temple as early as I could, from there to the 12th temple is the first tough mountain road. 11.03.2016 … Continue reading 88_02


It started suddenly, the bus left me at side of motorway, when the sun was about coming up. It reminded me of my very first motorcycle trip to Hokkaido, I drove to the port Ooarai in Ibaraki at night in pouring rain. After the long ferry ride in tiny cabin, suddenly I was at different … Continue reading 88_01