A good sleep in a huge room with sound of ocean.Hazy morning, heading to Shimanto river today. There are many kites in Shikoku, it is easy to spot them at the coast. They are entertaining to look at, while walking on boring high way. At a convenience store, just before the Shimanto river bridge,  I met … Continue reading 88_16


Clothes and shoes are almost dry by morning. It is a very calm day, walking along the river in a daze, looking sceneries. Why the river is so blue, although it is not so deep?Under the forest, where there is constant flow of water, concrete wall was cover by green, it looks beautiful. Looking at … Continue reading 88_15


Rain, sometimes torrential rain. In 15 minutes, trousers, shoes are completely soaked. Discomfort is the process, but once all completed, it becomes unnoticeable. At the Settaijyo (service, break place for pilgrims), I was advised not to go traditional pilgrim path in the mountain, there are chance of landslide, which is also written on the map. … Continue reading 88_14


Getting up with sunrise, going back and hit the 36th Temple before breakfast. Along the very clean Yokonami Skyline, almost no traffic and no body, it feels endless along the cliff, some how very sentimental feeling, and some point I really wanted listen some music, not much thoughts but grabbed by those weird sad feeling, … Continue reading 88_13


Swiftly walk to the ferry stop, it is almost straight line from the temple 32, but it feels long, longer than the map shows. Quick snack before on bored, then very short ride to opposite side of the bay. It is warm sunny day, feels like having a nap. Getting into Tosa city, while having … Continue reading 88_12


Getting into Kochi city. I realise existence of my self, and many other people who are around and not even aware or conscious about each other. Not only Kochi but other cities in Shikoku feel slightly old, not just buildings, but some how the atmosphere feels like 20 or 30 yeas back, which gives space, … Continue reading 88_11


Starting in rain, walking along the coast, warm strong wind blows sea water from left side. Holding the hat and lean forward every time the splash comes. However the wind also blew the clouds away. The sun is coming out, it burs the skin. Unfortunately Rubbish is common sight along the pilgrimage road. I started … Continue reading 88_10


Day after day, walking along the coast, boredom and exhaustion. Humidity got higher and higher towards to the midday, then eventually pouring rain. It is another discomfort, actually life is full of discomforts. However once the body is filled with those discomforts, I forget all of that. Almost without thinking, I just walked forward. Suddenly … Continue reading 88_09


Slow but Smooth day, along the Cape Muroto. A day after 45km, hearing the sound of ocean whole night, my mind was fully recharged. On the other hand, my body was heavy as lead, decided to take it easy. Climbing the mountain in snow, was already feel like long time ago, now the sun is … Continue reading 88_08