Swiftly walk to the ferry stop, it is almost straight line from the temple 32, but it feels long, longer than the map shows.
Quick snack before on bored, then very short ride to opposite side of the bay. It is warm sunny day, feels like having a nap.
Getting into Tosa city, while having slightly later lunch, I was calculating the speed and distance again and again. I was not sure if I manage to get to the 36th on time.
By the time when I get to the Usa-oohashi (it stands for big bridge) I recognised that I would not make it by 5pm. I decided to enjoy the sunset view.
I am sure that I did not reach to Greece, but small surprise when I get to the hotel, and beautiful end of the day.

32 禅師峰寺
33 雪蹊寺
34 種間寺
35 清瀧寺

素早く歩く。フェリー乗り場まで32番からはほぼまっすぐ、しかし地図で見るよりなぜか長い。束の間の乗船前に軽く食べ、あっという間に反対側。眠くなるような陽気の中、休まず歩き、土佐市で遅めの昼食。おそらく時間内に36番まで納経できないだろうと気づく。山を降り宇佐大橋に来る頃には諦め夕焼けを楽しむことにした。 ギリシャまで歩いていないことは確かだが、思いがけない一日の終わり。

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