Tuesday lunch concert at the Berliner Philharmonie

I have often visited the Tuesday lunch concert at the Berliner Philharmonie.

Normally there are two or three musicians, with a large audience sitting and standing on the floors and the stairs. The acoustics are not particularly good as it is held in foyer, not in the concert hall, but it is certainly a great experience. What I really like the most the ways explore the building.

The repetitions and layers of Stairs are rhythmic, the colourful tinted glass blocks and floor tiles are melodic. I always tried to stay in this maze until I was told to leave. It is a very different feeling compared to the Staatsbibliothek, despite being designed by the same architect, with similar materials. I have never really read about the architect Hans Scharoun and his works until now on Wiki. Somehow I don’t really question such things, I like experiencing the reality without any information before hand, or even afterwards.

So far, I have never had chance to listen to the orchestra in the main concert hall. I always wonder how it was to listen to Beethoven’s Symphony conducted by Karajan in the 60s.

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重なり合って反復する階段は律動的、多色なガラスブロックと床のタイルは旋律的。コンサートの後もこの迷路を追い出されるまでうろうろする、隣の図書館とは建築家、素材等も同じにも関わらずとても違った雰囲気である。私は建築家 Hans Scharoun や彼の作品いついて読んだ事はいまのいままでWikipdiaで読んだ以外に無い、普段からあまり予備知識を進んで得ようとは考えず、実際に経験する、その後もあまり気にならず、よほどのことがない限り調べる事はない。



Some time ago in Hamburg Germany

Some time ago in Hamburg Germany.
Chilly windy sunny day, I have decided to go for a walk.
There are lots of interesting but lifeless modern buildings, along the river. At one of them I have spotted a man.

Here is the story.
A Stardestroyer had an emergency landing to the planet earth, harbour in Hamburg. The reason is top secret.
The man is an officer of the ship who does not know anything about top secret mission, and actually he does not care. He enjoys the polluted air of his home planet. Long time ago, he has left here for promised stable job with dream of traveling all over the Galaxy. It was one way ticket, no way back, and he never thought coming back. However after so many years, although he is in good position as an officer, traveling around the galaxy as he wished, he’s been bored of seeing space and eating perfectly healthy meals cooked by asian speaking chef droid, and he thought about running away. Now an opportunity, an emergency landing to his home planet, he just needs to jump on to the small landing boat but there are lots of Spanish or French speaking droids, german speaking stormtroopers, and lots of surveillance Cameras. Does he make it?
To be continued…

No that’s the end of the story, I went back after being blown by chilly wind of Hamburg.


Chilly, fresh Koya mountain, The Sunlight was clearing up the morning mist. There are lots of temples but the ultimate place is Okunoin. Walking in line with other people like the lights and fog in the forest, in between large cider trees and mossy grave stones.
I got stamped on the last page. There aren’t the right way or the certain way. However there are many ways, and I could chose one at a time.
Getting down the mountain, and back to 33 days after of myself.




I didn’t feel that it was my last day in Shikoku, in the morning when I was heading to the 86th temple. The road to the gate was surrounded by white wall, once walk through the gate, there is an interesting Garden. Most of the temples have rather emptied space, usually well swept or well maintained gardens. However here, there are many rather wildly grown trees and unswept coloured leaves on the floor, giving charm to this temple. I enjoyed walking through to find  different buildings.As I had done the last 31days, I was thinking of direction, and calculating the distance and time, then just walked as fast as I could. After the 87th, I had quick visit to the pilgrims exchange salon as a typical first timer Ohenro, there I have asked differences of three passage to the 88th, and received honorable paper which proving that I have walked all the way, then quickly saw the exhibition the history of Ohenro. It was tough all the way to here, but 100 years ago was even more difficult as there were no clear signs and maps nor good equipments? However this was clearly showing that, for the last 1,200 years so many people had done this, therefore I knew that I could also do this and finish.

The route to the 88th, which I picked was the shortest one of course? It isn’t traditional rout and very steep one. Just before getting into the mountain road I thought that it must have been not that bad, back in those days, there were no horrible feet burning asphalt which now covers 90% of pilgrims path. Then after I entered concentration to the walk. The very last part before the top was little bit dangerous small rock climbing. At the top, I stopped while to cool down my self and looking back where I came from, 770m which isn’t that high but literally I walked all the way up from almost 0m of the sea level. To the last 88th temple is slightly down from the top, gradually I started feeling and understanding of the end. It is quiet and calm, very opposite of the first temple or some other busy temples. After getting the last stamp in Shikoku I waited bus quietly. 32 days, walking pilgrimage costs the most. However it didn’t really matter if it took another day or two, I could see interesting things more slowly. Advance faster and saving money and ending earlier isn’t the aim. Either spending more money and time or not, the end is the end. Money and Time are factors coming from out side of the pilgrimage and it only exists in our heads. I took another bus to cross the channel.


大阪 東急INN





Like a piece of cloud, I calmly headed to east.
Escaping from the burning asphalt, I entered Udon restaurant for quick lunch.
The relentless man made structured area should be swiftly pass through but the 84th is top of the mountain, very steep up from 0 to 280m.There are no one around at the traditional main gate, almost only the walking pilgrims walk through with encouraging winds, which cools me down.
The 85th is on the mountain opposite side. I wish I could ride on a cloud, but the reality is sharp down as I was almost falling down. Then I went up and down slowly like circulating air in a colourful day.




In the end, I didn’t extend but stayed until check out time. However after the 78th I realised about severeness of that delay. A night before I was thinking in bed about how to hit those three temples as they are positioned triangularly. Considering the distance and elevation, it seemed to me, the 81st is the first, then to the 82nd, then to the 80th is much more efficient, than usual number order. On top it would be easy to reach the 83rd afterwards. But can I really get to the 80th on time with this delay. I absolute hate surfaced flat road which very difficult to maintain the speed, contrary, as soon as I am on unsurfaced mountain road, I can have great concentration and high pace therefore I should be. I reached the 82nd around 3 o’clock. quickly finish the temple duties and got stamped. Then after I rang an accommodation to book a room near by the 80th temple. I was told by a lady that it will be too late, too dangerous to go through the mountain once it gets dark therefore I should find elsewhere near by the 82nd temple. I am not normal old retired week Japanese pilgrims, my mind set and attitude towards to this thing is nowhere near similar, there is no way back. My determination, challenge mood and the dark side are completely switched on. According to the map it is just under 7km gradual down hill mountain road. if there are no steps I could go easily way faster than the surfaced road.
And actually it was way more than I was expected, nice softness of woody leafy soil with very gradual down hill. My speed went just up and up. I thought couple of times if I went to other way according to the number order 80 81 82 then it must have been harder. I was running down with smile like a mad man, until the surfaced road appeared. In the end I reached the 80th temple in just over one hour. After the 80th temple I walked pass the accommodation which refused me, I put middle finger up in my mind. Positive strong power is also coming from the dark side.
After bath I walked to the restaurant in between rice fled in pitch black, I thought that the gate of temple 82 was beautiful with autumn leaves but I only photographed one with my mobile as I was on hurry. I should have slow down a bit.





Bright colourful misty morning, I was crossing the bridge to the temple or to the another world.68 and 69 are next to each other, I got stamped at same time, very thankful place.However, it was busy day hitting 10 temples, candles incense, sonic heart sutra reading then repeat at the next temple. Moreover the 75th is huge temple, back and forth even within. Small nature walk was relief compared to areas with human activities, but the most of the day, I walked burning noisy asphalt. By the time when I got to the Hotel I was utterly exhausted mentally and physically. I even asked if could extend the check out time..


Apa Hotel 丸亀



The 65th Sankaku temple is above the clouds, Looking back human activities in the middle.Then further up to the temple.From there to the 66th temple is all the way mountain road. No rain no wind, but dark cloudy day.I had no thoughts, no emotion. I didn’t even think if it is hard or not.
Temples are quite worldly, business in their mind, no care about appearance either. That is one of the reason why I have not much interest to take photos of them.
Night fell, then I entered the town.





I saw the sun rise in between the clouds.
Highway, all the way, on calm sunny day, it is opposite of breath taking scenery. I wished that the distance shrinks every blinks. A Torment by boredom exceeded physical pains.
Then I was emptied.




Starting the day before the dawn in rain. Mountains release the clouds then gradually the sky lightens. I was gazing all those dynamic silent show, but then realised that I have to go up those mountains.I left my backpack at the temple 61 which is at the bottom of the mountains, then heading to the the 60th Yokomine Temple. Now I am lighter and faster, but it’s the climbmax of the day, when I get to the ridge, the forest opens up, a small break then head to the peak. Going down is easy, then four temples at the bottom of mountains close to the each others. However, I arrived the hotel after night fell. Days are very short.

60 横峰寺
61 香園寺
62 宝珠寺
63 吉祥寺
64 前神寺