Traditional Japanese houses make me feel like being out side. It is not just because the building and fitting quality are bad, nor the walls and the doors are thin. Lying on tatami, I could feel the wind and movements of trees, as well as  inside of the house. It is not suitable for cities. Feeling of sunrise or my usual pilgrimage habit, I woke up around 5:45. The cold tatami is very comfortable to swollen feet, I hesitate to put my shoes on.
I was planing to reach the accommodation in Kumakougen by the noon, then hit the 44th and the 45th temple in the afternoon. However, there was a sign “Hiwada-touge closed due to land slid.” there are no one around to ask how severe. The last thing I want, is going back same route. Then I have decided to go through Nosono-touge. Much later than as I planed, I arrived to the accommodation in the afternoon, no time for lunch break, I have left my rucksack, then swiftly head to the 45th. I worried if I could reach there on time.
The 45th Iwayaji is on the middle of cliff or middle of a huge rock, very interesting temple. However, as always I forget to take pictures. After Noukyo, heading back immediately. I wanted to get back to the accommodation before night comes Although I have a touch, in the mountain in the forrest it would be pitch black. Down hill, once I get speed then I can not slow my self down, like a mad man, jumping one side to another, enjoying the speed and wind.
When I get to the accommodation it was already dark. Sweat got colder and I was very hungry. In the end I have done probably around 50km today.09.04.2016
44 大寶寺
45 岩屋寺


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