Clouds or haze, crossing Misaka touge. I received tea and sweets at Sakamotoya, and there I met other Ohenros, who I have seen couple of times. By that time sky was showing a sign of hot sunny day. Almost Matsuyama city.There are 6 temples, and those temples are much crowded compared to before. At the 50th temple, after reading the Heart sutra, I realised that my cane is missing from the cane stand. I had waited for 10 minutes to find, but only one cane with same coloured cloth stayed. it was almost brand new, so it must belong to someone who does not go by foot.
I have tighten up the string many times when I walked in rain. The part of wood which underneath cloth, was whiter compared to the exposed part. Although it was only 23 days, it had been gripped by my hands, sunburned, and blown by salt wind. Although normally I do not use the cane on flat asphalt roads, and I even got annoyed that I had to hold it all the time, but now somehow I felt unbalanced and difficult to walk without it. Once you use in the mountains you realised how useful it is, then it had become part of body. I have reached Dougo Onsen with empty mind. Water was hot, cooling down until the time allows.

46 浄瑠璃寺
47 八坂寺
48 西林寺
49 浄土寺
50 繁多寺
51 石手寺



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