The Sun rises from my direction, eventually I am heading to East.6 temples to hit for today, a day is shorter, there aren’t any moments to stop and I think of locations where to stay, it’s the key to the 60 Yokomine temple on following day. Mentally, there are slight difficulties when I get into … Continue reading 88_25


As soon as I put pilgrim’s white clothes on, and start the walk, half year ago feels like almost yesterday, then I think of my cane. A cane is not necessary on the flat coast roads, but I must get one before the mountains.Compared to Pacific side, fishing boats seem rather thinner and sharper, and … Continue reading 88_24


Clouds or haze, crossing Misaka touge. I received tea and sweets at Sakamotoya, and there I met other Ohenros, who I have seen couple of times. By that time sky was showing a sign of hot sunny day. Almost Matsuyama city.There are 6 temples, and those temples are much crowded compared to before. At the … Continue reading 88_23


Traditional Japanese houses make me feel like being out side. It is not just because the building and fitting quality are bad, nor the walls and the doors are thin. Lying on tatami, I could feel the wind and movements of trees, as well as  inside of the house. It is not suitable for cities. … Continue reading 88_22


Departing with freshly washed clothes and dried shoes. Sunny, it is going to be quite hot. “Good morning” so many times, School boarding time, huge number of school kids, compared to the other days. Roaming in the rain, yesterday was far past, swiftly walking in the warm sunny day no breaks.I saw black swans, first … Continue reading 88_21


Grey dark morning, departing old beautiful Tsushima town. I passed through Uwajima without much of sight seeing, yet I could not keep the good pace. After the 41st temple, the weather got worse, then by the time, when I  was about to leave the gate of the 42nd temple, it was raining cats and dogs. … Continue reading 88_20


I left the accommodation and got into mountains. Two mountain crosses today. During walking on highway, many things come across in my mind, but on the mountain path, I only concentrate on walking. Some times I glance views in between trees, then keep going. Everyday is almost same, but always new and different path. Long … Continue reading 88_19


In Shikoku, as soon as leaving the coast, and the sea is no longer in my sight, I feel that I am in the middle of no where, far away from the sea. Walking next to rice fields in between mountains. Shoes do not conduct the heat from asphalt, but tired swollen feet are heating … Continue reading 88_18


After leaving the accommodation, walking on the soft beach in warm mist, heading to the Cape Ashizuri.Back to the asphalt along the cliff, towards to the cape, mist cleared up. Gradually vegetation changes to Subtropical.Three days after the last temple, eventually Temple Kongofukuji, there are turtles everywhere, statues and symbols. I saw a carcass of … Continue reading 88_17