Like a piece of cloud, I calmly headed to east. Escaping from the burning asphalt, I entered Udon restaurant for quick lunch. The relentless man made structured area should be swiftly pass through but the 84th is top of the mountain, very steep up from 0 to 280m.There are no one around at the traditional … Continue reading 88_31


In the end, I didn’t extend but stayed until check out time. However after the 78th I realised about severeness of that delay. A night before I was thinking in bed about how to hit those three temples as they are positioned triangularly. Considering the distance and elevation, it seemed to me, the 81st is … Continue reading 88_30


Bright colourful misty morning, I was crossing the bridge to the temple or to the another world.68 and 69 are next to each other, I got stamped at same time, very thankful place.However, it was busy day hitting 10 temples, candles incense, sonic heart sutra reading then repeat at the next temple. Moreover the 75th … Continue reading 88_29


The 65th Sankaku temple is above the clouds, Looking back human activities in the middle.Then further up to the temple.From there to the 66th temple is all the way mountain road. No rain no wind, but dark cloudy day.I had no thoughts, no emotion. I didn’t even think if it is hard or not. Temples … Continue reading 88_28


I saw the sun rise in between the clouds. Highway, all the way, on calm sunny day, it is opposite of breath taking scenery. I wished that the distance shrinks every blinks. A Torment by boredom exceeded physical pains. Then I was emptied. 20.11.2016 旅館大成荘 37km 雲間から太陽が昇るのを感じる。 ひたすら国道、穏やかな天気ながらなぜこんなにも美しくないのだろうかと思いながら、まばたきをするごとに距離が縮んでいてくれることを願う。倦怠という苦痛が体の苦痛をはるかに超える。 その後は空になる。


Starting the day before the dawn in rain. Mountains release the clouds then gradually the sky lightens. I was gazing all those dynamic silent show, but then realised that I have to go up those mountains.I left my backpack at the temple 61 which is at the bottom of the mountains, then heading to the … Continue reading 88_26


The Sun rises from my direction, eventually I am heading to East.6 temples to hit for today, a day is shorter, there aren’t any moments to stop and I think of locations where to stay, it’s the key to the 60 Yokomine temple on following day. Mentally, there are slight difficulties when I get into … Continue reading 88_25


As soon as I put pilgrim’s white clothes on, and start the walk, half year ago feels like almost yesterday, then I think of my cane. A cane is not necessary on the flat coast roads, but I must get one before the mountains.Compared to Pacific side, fishing boats seem rather thinner and sharper, and … Continue reading 88_24


Clouds or haze, crossing Misaka touge. I received tea and sweets at Sakamotoya, and there I met other Ohenros, who I have seen couple of times. By that time sky was showing a sign of hot sunny day. Almost Matsuyama city.There are 6 temples, and those temples are much crowded compared to before. At the … Continue reading 88_23


Traditional Japanese houses make me feel like being out side. It is not just because the building and fitting quality are bad, nor the walls and the doors are thin. Lying on tatami, I could feel the wind and movements of trees, as well as  inside of the house. It is not suitable for cities. … Continue reading 88_22